Our set building covers a range of fantasy and landscape mockups suitable for studio photography. As with the modelmaking some have been built as scale models for combining images on computer.

Using a 'life size' set allows the model and background to be photographed and lit together which is important in a shot like this.
We were able to make up the set in sections which were reassembled in the photographers studio.
This shot for Kellogg's was put together all in camera. The image is comprised of a mixture of painted and illusory objects on a painted cloth.

Somewhere between set building and model making. In this Gaviscon ad the moon was made to seat the devil allowing the two to be photographed together.

For the ' Right Move' campaign we made a number of small scale sets which were dropped in behind Ian Wright on computer.

This image for Powergen Calendar was shot as a scale model. The girl and snake were photographed separately and added later.

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